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Ashland 1812E Scaper


Ashland 1812E Scaper

P. O. A.

Available for Lease or Purchase


Designed using the same guiding principles as its big brothers – the Ashland high capacity construction scraper line – the 1812E packs all the same impressive performance into a smaller package, making it an ideal earthmoving solution for mid-high horsepower tractors. The 1812E has the perfect combination of width, capacity, weight transfer ratio, and ground-engaging geometry to suite the needs of farmers and construction contractors doing smaller earthmoving projects.




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Available for Lease or Purchase

Ashland Industries scraper available for lease or purchase

  • Heaped Capacity 13.8 m3
  • Struck Capacity 8.3 m3
  • Recommended Power Unit 224
  • Width of Cut 3.64 m
  • Gate Opening 1.46 m
  • Depth of Spread o.6 m
  • Ground Clearance at Blade 0.60 m
  • Overall Width 4.07 m
  • Overall Length 9.63 m
  • Overall Height 2.3 m
  • Weight 9,578 kg
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