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Fertiliser Spreaders by Teagle

We are the exclusive NZ agent for Teagle Fertiliser Spreaders

From small holdings to larger grassland or arable farms, we have a fertiliser spreader to meet your needs.

Manufactured in the UK, Teagle Fertiliser Spreaders have been designed to be simple, robust and easy to use.

Through the innovative quadruple overlap spread pattern delivered by in the twin disc XT24 and XT48 models, Teagle has built a reputation for no-nonsense accuracy that is incredibly tolerant to sources of inaccuracy such as wind, variation in fertiliser characteristics and driver error.

For outstanding durability the quality construction features heavy duty plastic hoppers, a shot blasted and powder coated frame, and stainless steel used extensively in the spreading components, which are driven through a low maintenance driveline.

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