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Ashland 155TS2 Scraper


Ashland 155TS2 Scraper

P. O. A.

Available for Lease or Purchase


If you have a large MFWD or smaller articulated 4WD tractor, the 155TS2 scraper fits the bill. You will also benefit from the additional capacity over other agricultural earthmovers with the structural strength of a construction-grade scraper. The narrow width of 155TS2 is ideal when working in tighter areas with MFWD tractors. Despite being very maneuverable, this scraper’s large rear tires, 15.5 cubic yard capacity, and large gate opening are perfect for quickly loading heavy clay, transporting up steep slopes, and unloading where you want especially when working on projects like pond and terrace building.




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Available for Lease or Purchase

Ashland Industries scraper available for lease or purchase

  • Heaped Capacity 11.9 m3
  • Recommended HP 186 – 462
  • Width of Cut 2.75 m
  • Apron Clearance 1.57 m
  • Overall Width 3.04 m
  • Overall Length 9.14 m
  • Overall Height 2.41 m
  • Weight Lead Config. 9,663 kg
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