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Ashland 140TS2 LGP scraper


Ashland 140TS2 LGP scraper

P. O. A.

Available for Lease or Purchase


For customers who do larger dirt jobs with MFWD tractors, the 140TS2 and 140TS2-LGP Edition are the perfect fit. This 14 cubic yard (10.7 cubic meter) ejector scraper is the smallest direct mount scraper that Ashland offers. This scraper is sized correctly to provide maneuverability, and hauling capacity, at a lower horsepower requirement. With 25% tractor to 75% scraper weight transfer ratio, Ashland direct mount scrapers require less HP than traditional dolly wheel scrapers, which means the 140TS2 / 140TS2 LGP will be easier and faster to load which require less effort for the operator.




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Available for Lease or Purchase

Ashland Industries scraper available for lease or purchase

  • Heaped Capacity 10.7 m3
  • Width of Cut 2.47 m
  • Apron Clearance 1.44 m
  • Overall Width 2.79 m
  • Overall Length 8.45 m
  • Overall Height 2.15 m
  • Weight (w/ std. bias tire) 6,531 kg


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