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Jako Tiger 240SK Trailer


Jako Tiger 240SK Trailer

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Available for Lease or Purchase

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Available for Lease or Purchase

  • ● 10 cm tapering container from 6 mm QST steel
    ● 4 wheels hydraulically and Air brake option
    ● Hydraulic lifting rear hatch
    ● Hydraulic support leg with shut-off valve
    ● Hydraulic tipping cylinder suspended in cardan ring
    ● Heavy revolving drawing eye
    ● Tiger 200SK/240SK heavy UNP-300 beam chassis
    ● Tiger 200SK/240SK height-adjustable hydraulic pulling shaft
    ● Tiger 240SK 27 ton rocking tandem fitted with rubber torsion blocks with axle 140 mm
    sq., 10-hole, hydraulic brakes (412×160), suitable for tyres to 26.5”
    ● Light rear tow bar (double flange with pin)
    ● LED Lights
    ● Tyres BKT 800/45R26.5” “FL 630 profile”

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