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Earth-Moving Equipment for Lease and Sale

At Power and Earth, we are constantly upgrading our equipment and selling off our surplus. Because earth-moving equipment has high maintenance and capital costs, leasing, short-term or long-term, is an attractive, hassle-free option. Click to view our listings: discs, scrapers, trailers and tractors.

Our Specialist Earth-Moving Equipment

Need to move earth? The faster you move earth, the more money you make. It’s as simple as that. Power & Earth can show you how to increase your productivity and move more earth, faster, and with less cost.

The Resurgence of Power Tractors for Large-Scale Civil and Construction Projects

We find that many civil and construction contractors in NZ are resistant to considering tractors and attachments as viable alternatives to their current machinery. Many large tractor manufacturers have noticed a resurgence in tractor use for civil and construction jobs, especially in the USA. The best manufacturers, such as John Deere and Fendt, have noticed this trend and have designed specific tractor ranges built to handle these tougher demands and conditions.

Trailer 180sk1Tractors today are so modern, fuel-efficient and versatile they are true rivals to traditional earth-moving equipment. The modern tractor fleets supplied by Power & Earth have fewer operators and fewer engines, which translates into real cost savings and benefits for your company or project. See our Cost vs Benefit table.

Many civil construction contractors are now adding these types of machines to their fleets because of their lower running costs, added versatility, and productivity gains. Power & Earth source and supply tractors and earth-moving equipment for contractors throughout New Zealand. If you want the biggest, most productive, modern machinery – talk to us.

Power & Earth are leaders when it comes to supplying and leasing/renting earth-moving equipment. Depending on your specific job and site requirements, Power & Earth can spec the correct machinery, provide advice, and customise a rental/lease agreement that works for your individual situation. Like to discuss or compare prices? Give one of our experts a call.

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