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Earth-Moving Trailers for Lease, Hire and Sale

Earth-Moving Trailers

When it comes to moving earth, what’s best? Trucks, or earth-moving trailers on a tractor? It’s worth considering your options. Typically, we have found our clients enjoy the benefits of the lower purchase price of our earth-moving trailers compared to a dump/moxy truck.

They also like the lighter weight of our trailers for less compaction and track damage, a lower centre of gravity, less maintenance, and improved performance in wet weather.

When deciding on an earth-moving trailer or dump truck there are a number of considerations:

  • The type and condition of the earth/soil to be moved
  • Weight and capacity of the trailer
  • Travel/haulage distance
  • The centre of gravity and gradients of your job site
  • The ejection mechanism and tailgate design
  • Tyre size and desired floatation (softness of the ground)
  • Hitch weight in combination with the tractor
  • Correct tractor selection and spec

Our experts can talk you through all of the options and recommend the best combination for your specific needs. Talk to one of our experts.

We are the exclusive agent and distributor for Jako Trailers in NZ.

Our Specialist Earth-Moving Equipment

Need to move earth? The faster you move earth, the more money you make. It’s as simple as that. Power & Earth can show you how to increase your productivity and move more earth, faster, and with less cost.

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