Leasing Options

Which kind of lease is right for you?

Leasing Options

You can arrange a lease deal in a number of ways:

  • Seasonal Short-term Lease. Power & Earth can offer a short-term seasonal operating lease to contractors and large-scale farmers. This will help the overflow and pressure during the peak of cultivation, silage and hay season. The charge for this type of lease is based around an hourly rate with minimum hours over a given period.
  • Long-term Operating Lease. Power & Earth can also offer long-term leasing to a mixed sector of clients such as farmers and contractors. This is an opportunity to get a new tractor specified to suit your operation. This will save you R&M Ag Machinery for sale hire or lease in nz ausexpenditure on old, worn-out equipment. The payments are set at a monthly level for the full term.
  • Payment Terms must be met at all times, and Power & Earth may need to collect some financial information when setting up a lease. Curtain criteria will apply. Every payment you make is plus GST and is 100% tax efficient for your business.

Need advice on your lease vs purchase options?

We specialise in short-term and seasonal/annual lease agreements that are customised to your specific needs. Power & Earth also specialise in the sale of ex-lease tractors. We have a number of ex-lease machines for sale and on our books. These are usually in two categories: under 2000 hours or under 1000 hours. They are less than two years old and are still covered by the remainder of the transferable factory warranty.
Please contact us to discuss great deals on these ex-lease tractors.

Talk to one of our experts to investigate your options.


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Leasing Options

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